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The case and the facts BELFOR and Generali Italia - Together against Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it necessary for companies to take immediate measures and protocols to ensure the safety of workers and to contain the spread of the virus.

BELFOR and Generali Italia have made the BELFOR disinfection service available to Generali's customers at a special price during this period


Security for companies and employees

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many uncertainties for businesses. Suddenly, emergency measures, safety protocols and clear rules were needed to contain the spread of the virus as far as possible. On the one hand, many employees were anxious about returning to work, but on the other hand, the company also lives from its employees' ability to work. There is a risk of downtime if employees become infected with Coronavirus and their colleagues have to be quarantined. Professional disinfection ensures the protection of employees and counteracts a renewed interruption of operations - in addition to the normal cleaning activities in the company or in the event of a confirmed case of Coronavirus. Professional disinfection is one of many recommended preventive measures.


Disinfection service at a fair price

The services offered by Generali Italia and BELFOR are aimed at companies, commercial businesses, hotels, apartment complexes and offices. The disinfection measures defined with Generali are based on the specifications of national and international institutes. At the end of each disinfection process, BELFOR draws up a protocol with a detailed description of the activities carried out and the products used to disinfect the surfaces.

In order to guarantee the safety of customers, all BELFOR employees are subject to a special health surveillance protocol and have received training in the management of biological risks, with a focus on Covid-19.  

Help for the restart

The support for the companies goes even further: in a specially designed area on the website, BELFOR and Generali provide important information for a safe restart of production. Customers will find up-to-date information from national and international authorities, tips on recommended hygiene measures and products, and reference projects. This web area serves not only Generali's customers but also their consultants. They can thus support their customers in resuming production activities and provide them with clear information on necessary disinfection activities.

BELFOR Italia and Generali Italia alongside companies with P.I.A.® services In order to respond even earlier and better to the needs of companies affected by an accident, GENERALI Italia and BELFOR Italia have developed the P.I.A.® Pronto Intervento Azienda priority support programme. With this, GENERALI confirms its closeness to the client by supporting him in the delicate phase of the accident and entrusting him to BELFOR for the rescue and restoration intervention necessary for a faster recovery of his company. BELFOR's P.I.A.® Service is available for Generali Italia GeneraImpresa, GenerAmbiente and ATTIVA Arti & Mestieri products

Generali and BELFOR

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