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Industrial Major & Complex Loss Ultrasonic Cleaning on an XXL scale

Mobile Technical Complex De-Rusting

This project proved to be the perfect challenge for newest addition to BELFOR International range of specialist Major & Complex Loss equipment. Designed and built by BELFOR the TBR XXL is perfect for handling large amounts of contaminated items. The TBR XXL Dip Bath Line was transported to site in the UK and was up and running in less than 48hrs. This meant that the recovery programme could be completed in under 2 weeks. In total BELFOR successfully decontaminated over 50,000 damaged stock items with a direct saving of over £750k. The prompt and successful restoration of the items also allowed the customer to fulfil vital customer orders reducing potential costly Business Interruption costs on the claim.


  • International Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturer – Major Fire
  • Fire in paint finishing plant of factory – causing extensive smoke damage
  • Highly corrosive smoke contamination to machinery and semi finished stock parts
  • Business critical stock items c.£1m affected – re-order time minimum 6 weeks
  • Signs of corrosion and rusting after 48 hrs of incident
  • Immediate mitigation carried out on machinery to allow production to continue
  • Initial test cleaning of stock items using Ultrasonic Cleaning successful
  • Full Quality Control system designed in conjunction with customer
  • TBR XXL Unit transported from Germany to UK and operational within 48hrs
  • 5 Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning and complex de-rusting process undertaken of affected stock items
  • All stock items successfully restored allowing production to continue and order to be fulfilled
TBR - XXL Unit on site
TBR - XXL Unit on site


Power & Performance
Fully transportable by Truck/Sea Container
5 x 1.5m3 baths
2 x electric hoists
Batch process 45 mins
Independent power & cooling


Before and after Ultrasonic Cleaning
Before and after Ultrasonic Cleaning

Successful Results
Unit transported and on site within 48hrs
£1m of stock items successfully decontaminated
- £750k saving
c.50,000 stock items processed in 14 days

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